Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Scenario of the Day

The Three Trials

The heroes were bound hand and foot inside a wood lodge of the Dunlendings. Outside they could hear the warriors of the Boar Clan celebrating their victory, when a large Dunlending entered. It was the leader of the war-party that assaulted them, and the same Wild Man who ordered them taken prisoner. He approached the heroes until he stood towering over them.The war-chief stared intently at the heroes, holding the totemic amulet taken from their baggage. "I am Turch, chieftain of the Boar Clan. Every ten years, an...



There are 87 quests on the Companion.

3993 votes were issued.

Passage Through Mirkwood is the most rated quest, with 240 votes.

The Múmakil is the less rated quest, with 9 votes, help us rate it!

The overall mean rating of the game difficulty is: 5.9

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