Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Scenario of the Day

Escape From Mount Gram

Blindfolded, the company was marched into the tunnels of Mount Gram. It seemed they walked for miles uphill, and through many winding corridors. When the blindfolds were removed, they were deep in the heart of the Goblin stronghold, with no knowledge of an escape route. Gornákh's dungeons were gruesome and awful. They smelled of rot and decay, and the floor was damp, covered in frost and slime. Flickering torchlight scarcely illuminated the dungeon's halls. The Goblins separated the companions and brought...



There are 87 quests on the Companion.

3766 votes were issued.

Passage Through Mirkwood is the most rated quest, with 228 votes.

The Múmakil is the less rated quest, with 9 votes, help us rate it!

The overall mean rating of the game difficulty is: 5.9

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