Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

The Wastes of Eriador

Angmar Awakened Cycle

FFG official difficulty rating

Players difficulty rating (7.2)

rated by 36 players

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When an encounter card with the surge keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase or in setup, reveal 1 additional card from the encounter deck. Resolve the surge keyword immediately after resolving any when revealed effects on the card.

Doomed X

If an encounter card with the doomed keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase or in setup, each player must raise his threat level by the specified value.


Daybreak & Nightfall

This scenario includes a double-sided objective, Daybreak / Nightfall. The Daybreak side of this objective has the text "It is Day" and the Nightfall side of this objective has the text "It is Night." In and of itself, the condition of "Day" or "Night" has no inherent effect. However, many encounter cards in this scenario (including Daybreak and Nightfall) have additional or different effects, depending on whether it is currently Day or Night.


Amarthiúl is an objective-ally in this scenario. During setup, the first player takes control of Amarthiúl. Amarthiúl has the text: "Response : After an enemy engages a player, give control of Amarthiúl to that player." This response is optional, and allows you to give control of Amarthiúl to another player after an enemy engages that player. Amarthiúl does not pass from one player to another when you pass the first player token.

Amarthiúl also has the text: "If Amarthiúl leaves play, the players lose the game." This text cannot be modified by card effects.

During step 2 of Setup, "Place Heroes and Set Initial Threat Levels", add one resource to each hero's resource pool. When building the encounter deck, remove any card with the "difficulty" indicator around its encounter set icon (a gold border) from the current scenario's encounter deck. easymode

To play normal mode, just follow the setup instructions on the quest card.

Basic game

When you play normal mode (or easy mode of course) and if you're new to the game, you can also play the "Basic Game" defined in the core set rules:

Newer players or players who want a more basic experience can play and enjoy the game by not dealing shadow cards during the combat phase. This eliminates an element of surprise that could make the game too challenging for a beginner. Once players are comfortable with this experience, they can then add the shadow effects to make combat less predictable and more exciting.

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