Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

Lord of the Rings LCG Companion

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The Passage of the Marshes

After Boromir attempted to seize the Ring for himself in the woods of Amon Hen, Frodo resolved to leave the Fellowship and continue the quest to Mount Doom on his own. But his faithful servant, Sam Gamgee, guessed his master's plan and caught up with Frodo just as he was preparing to cross the Anduin in one of the Elven boats. Sam refused to let Frodo leave him behind, so the two Hobbits crossed the river together. Upon reaching the Eastern...



There are 87 quests on the Companion.

3307 votes were issued.

Passage Through Mirkwood is the most rated quest, with 201 votes.

The Mûmakil is the less rated quest, with 4 votes, help us rate it!

The overall mean rating of the game difficulty is: 5.9

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